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Ingrown hairs...agonizing. Razor bumps…itchy. Body acne… completely embarrassing. Sound Familiar? Of course it does!

No more suffering, Be Bikini Beautiful

Bikini Beautiful (BB) is a revolutionary new product that PREVENTS and CORRECTS painful ingrown hairs, unattractive razor bumps and embarrassing body acne.  BB is specially formulated for all skin types and boasts an advanced antimicrobial antifungal custom formulation enriched with botanical blends and refreshing fragrance that calms and moisturizes, leaving the skin fresh, fragrant and flawless.

The PREVENTION FACTOR: creates a barrier to help eliminate bacteria from clogging the pores and discouraging any flare ups or breakouts.
The CORRECTIVE FACTOR: detoxifies, reduces redness and inflammation, while rich antioxidants and emollients repair and hydrate.

Achieve the flawless bikini beautiful body we all desire, with Bikini Beautiful.
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