Photo Facial

Turn back time with a touch of light...  The Epilight is a computer generated light treatment, which effectively treats sun-damaged skin on the face, neck, and chest.  It dramatically reduces brown spots and is one of the most effective treatments for Rosacea, common skin disorder that causes redness and sensitivity to the skin.  This treatment reduces pore size and improves skin tone by stimulating collagen.

Photofacial   $195*

Age gracefully...later with Photofacial Plus.  Combining Photo Facial with an advanced technique and settings to treat not only skin imperfections but also to cause a "shrink wrapping" of the skin.  This revolutionary new technique will uncover your natural beauty by smoothing fine lines, resulting in radiant, youthful skin.

Photofacial Plus                                                           $295*

Having the skin you always wanted by combining IPL with a prescription strength amino acid to treat problem acne and severely sun damaged skin.  The accelerated process reduces the number of treatments needed for optimum results.

Photo Dynamic Therapy                                           $395*

*Prices listed are starting prices and subject to vary upon individual consultation.

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