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Give your body what it has been craving...complete serenity & wellness!  The healing benefits of massage are powerful!  Our certified massage therapists use innovative techniques that promote healing and extreme relaxation.

Sncroniz Signature Medical Massage - Specialized pain management therapeutic massage.
Perfect for those suffering from severe pain, arthritis, sore muscles and joints and back pain.
Customized massage combing several different deep tissue massage techniques including a
menthol Biofreeze solution producing long lasting pain relief.
     30 minutes   $45
     60 minutes   $80
     90 minutes   $115
Swedish Massage - Relaxing swedish techniques which increase circulation, relieve sorness and
provide total rejuvenation.
     30 minutes   $35
     60 minutes   $65
     90 minutes   $95
Hot Stone Massage - The perfect treatment to help relieve stress using heated Basalt Lava Stones.    
     60 minutes   $75
     90 minutes   $110
Mother-To-Be Massage - Especially for the expecting lady to help relax and rejuvenate. Relieve
aches, pains, tension and stress.
     30 minutes   $40
     60 minutes   $70
     90 minutes   $105
Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Perfect for eliminating toxions while boosting the immune system.    
     60 minutes   $75
     90 minutes   $110
Sports Massage - Perfect for the physically active.  Helps to improve performance, prevent injuries
and increase range of motion.
     60 minutes   $75
     90 minutes   $110
Essential Chair Massage - Perfect for those on-the-go to relieve stress and tension quickly.    
     $1 per min.
Reflexology - Utilizing the ancient traditions and pressure point techniques to stimulate and induce
deep relaxation. Relieves stress and improves circulation.
     30 minutes   $35
A La Carte Services    
Aromatherapy Essential Oils   $5
Additional minutes for any massage   $1
*Prices listed are starting prices and subject to vary upon individual consultation.
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