Body Treatments: Purchase 3 of the same body treatments and receive a 10% discount.

Let our professionals customize a body treatment that will benefit your skin and leave you refreshed and glowing.

Cryogenic Slimming Mask - Revitalizing slimming body treatment with gentle exfoliation that stimulates circulation and helps calm aches and pains.  Includes creamy cryogenic paste combined with active marine minerals and organic compounds that penetrate, relax and cool the skin.  Body is loosely wrapped in plastic.  


Body Resufacing - A Glycolic body peel designed to smoothe the appearance of raised stretch marks, acne breakouts, scars, dark spots rouch or dry patches, and decollete wrinkles.   $85*
Indian Mud Detox - Wrap up in a blanket and relax as this iron rich Indian clay draws out impurities and improves circulation without dehydration.  Includes citrus exfoliation and a light massage.   $75*
Neroli Body Polish - An invigorating, gently body scrub formulated with Neroli, organic extracts and vitamins to help hydrate and renew elasticity of the skin.  Includes a moisturizing massage and cooling spritz.   $65*
Babassu Sugar Rub - A stimulating, 100% organic experience combining aromatherapy, exfoliating and moisturizing application.  Body is rubbed with a combination of raw sugar and oil from the Babassu Palm to create a powerful yet gentle exfoliating experience leaving you smooth and invigorated.              $50*

*Prices listed are starting prices and subject to vary upon individual consultation.

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